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Bass - Lessons - Coaching. Lover of provocative texts & talks, sailor of boats & the world, wine sipper & coffee slugger, toiler in the noble art of keeping fit & sane.

For music:
• Freelance bassist, available for live and studio gigs
• Educator, available for private and online bass lessons and for rhythm section / band coaching

For people:
Ready to help you find answers to questions about your life and career

Currently involved as bassist for for Guus Willemse & Lazy Jack and Dasilvian Bruce


- Yuri Pires Tavares: for his energy and for his incredible pictures

- Arianne Notenboom: for her creativity and inspiration and for co-designing my website

- Remy Hersbach: for his patience and for his wonderful work on building my website

- Marc Vanderkley: for producing the best bass amplification possible and for his outstanding service