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A lighthouse is a point of recognition: a beacon. You can sail towards it and let it help you enter a safe haven. You can keep it in sight to help you navigate, to determine where you are and to let it help you choose* where you want to go. Day or night, in fair or heavy weather. Lighthouse is the name I use for my coaching practice.

What can Lighthouse Coaching do for you?

Lighthouse can shine a light on what you really want: in your job, your business or personal life; in your role as an employee, manager or business owner. In one-on-one meetings or in Skype sessions I will help you organize your thoughts and ambitions. I will help you discover and (learn to) mobilize your full potential of skills and competences. Lighthouse Coaching will empower you to uncover your objectives and determine your next course of action.

When you already know what you want to achieve, I can be your sparring partner to help you decide* how to go about it.

Maybe you already know what you want, and maybe even how to achieve it, but you feel like things (usually thoughts) are holding you back, and you want to change your habits of not heading for your target, of not properly tuning into your talents and skills. I can help you get in control.

Experience and training

In working as a recruitment consultant with Randstad for ten years I gained much experience in interviewing job searchers and managers in line, staff and HR positions. In this role I learned to ‘ask the right question’. Questions - obviously - about skills and competences, about roles and responsibilities, about goals, targets and ambitions. But also about wishes, desires and passion. About life.

As a sailing instructor I learned many the ropes in sailing. The biggest part of learning how to sail (or to master an instrument, for that matter) has nothing to do with learning the proper skills, but is related to mindset, learning behaviour and self-perception. In order to help a student develop his or her skills, many times I had to address habits of inhibitory thoughts and patterns first. Coaching the student proved to be essential before starting instruction. They usually are two sides of the same coin.

At The School for 5-Star Coaching in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I further developed my coaching skills in a 2-year course, developed and led by coach and trainer Floris Rommerts.

In January 2019 I joined Catalyst Teambuilding Netherlands in the role of teambuilding facilitator, on a freelance base.

How do you get in touch?

Contact me through this form or connect with me on Linked in.

* Want to know the difference between choosing and deciding? Drop me a line and I’ll tell you more!