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If you want to know all about:

  • Your instrument and how to master it
  • Grooving and rocking
  • Different styles or genres
  • New techniques
  • How to invent your own, great new bass lines
  • New licks and tricks
  • How and what to practice

I’m here for you!

A lot is possible: regular lessons to really enchance your skills, just one to tackle that specific topic you want to address and master, or just a lesson every now and then.

Lessons will either be through Skype or private. Private lessons will be in my studio in São Paulo, Brazil, or in Utrecht or Amsterdam, The Netherlands, depending on where I'm dwelling. Just get in touch through the contact form and we’ll make suitable arrangements.

band coaching and workshops

If you want your band to:

  • Sound better: have the band sounding as a unit, and also let each individual musician shine
  • Perform better: feel comfortable on stage and have more fun; let your audience experience a great show and share the fun
  • Rehearse better: notice improvement after every rehearsal
  • Write and arrange better songs: which knobs and controls should you tweak to get the best possible version of your song
  • Record better: get really prepared and focussed on what needs to be done in the studio

Just give me a buzz!

Band coaching sessions and workshops will either be in your regular rehearsal studio or in my studio in São Paulo, Brazil, or in Utrecht or Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Please use the contact form to let me know what you’d like to learn and develop (and to check with me on which side of the globe I’m staying).

materials and tools

People often ask me for advice about what to buy or use, so I’ve made two links to books I recommend and use for my lessons, and a link to materials or tools (tuners, strings, straps, etc) that I tried and tested and often use myself. So first the two ‘book links’. Here’s the link to my list of basic learning material, this is the link to some more advanced material, and here’s the link to my list of things.


For over ten years I have been teaching bass guitar in my private practice and in a host of music schools in and around my home town Utrecht, The Netherlands. I taught players with years of experience playing the bass, sometimes even with years of experience in performing and recording; I taught newbies and schoolchildren who could barely hold a (half sized) bass guitar as well as men in their sixties, picking up a new hobby. Besides teaching bass guitar, I’ve also organized workshops - for instance to train rhythm tandems - and I coached bands.

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